Was so pleased with Mr. Quinn. Excellent, and deeply knowledgeable. He touched a case other Attorneys had turned down. My legal situation was equivalent to a hurt dog ran over twice and one was an ambulance driver. I would give him 10 stars if I could. If you need an truthful , trusted and compassionate Attorney this man is it. You don't get service like this anymore!!


I contacted Quinn and Quinn to discuss adding a name to a title on a house. I was given honest advice to wait until the house is paid off in the next 7 months. I really appreciate that I was given advice based on what would be best for me and my family instead of just trying to sell us a service. I recommend others to contact them, as well.

Dana B.

I had a very straight forward probate case, yet my previous attorney's kept dragging the case out - which cost me a lot of money. I fired them, and hired Mr. Quinn who told me he would resolved my case for one flat fee. Mr. Quinn handled everything exactly as he initially said he would, and got my case dismissed. Mr. Quinn took all of my calls, followed up timely with informative updates and clearly explained the probate process. I would highly recommend Mr. Quinn for all probate matters as he has the industry expertise, patience and discipline to represent his clients in the best possible way.

Robert S.

Mr Quinn is an excellent attorney and gentleman. His fees are very reasonable and he works very hard for his clients and he cares for them and their needs as if they were family. He is very professional about his work. I could always contact him about any concerns I may have had and he answered promptly. I am grateful for his service and his genuine concern regarding my issues. You could not ask for a better lawyer. He will always do his best for you. I am extremely satisfied and grateful for his service.

Deborah T.

Fantastic job. Always attentive, listens, brings good ideas, and I always feel better after leaving their office. Used them for many different things over the course of 10 years, wouldn't change a thing. Again, fantastic.

Casey C.

When it comes to finding an attorney that cares about taking care of your situation and not about how much money they are going to receive in the end, Donald Quinn is your attorney. He is one of the best attorneys in Kansas City, Missouri and his work ethic, attention to detail, and overall legal abilities are outstanding. He really truly cares about helping you get through your situation. More than once, he went the extra mile for me and my family while we tried to get things situated after my mother's death. If you are looking to retain one of the best attorneys in Missouri, I highly recommend and endorse Donald Quinn.

Latonia H.

Donald Quinn was so friendly, compassionate and helpful just now answering a few questions and concerns I had about handling my wife's affairs after her passing. In the brief time we spoke I was impressed with his knowledge and experience as he set my mind at ease regarding how to move forward. Heaven forbid, if I ever find myself in this situation again he'll be my first call.

Scott D.

This lawyer is the best! He is so diligent, caring, and professional! I had a very difficult probate case and he understood what I needed and did everything he had to in order to help me. He was so nice and understanding through a difficult time in my family's life. I would recommend him to anyone who needed a great lawyer! Oh and I was in another state and he helped me to get this entire thing cleared up! He's the best!

Amy K.

Mr Quinn was very helpful for assisting me with how to receive an inheritance and when I have future needs for all probate issues he will be my go to attorney!!!

Cathy R.

Mr. Quinn was very quick to respond and was extremely helpful with my questions.

Chris W.

I reside in Georgia I had some real estate questions on Missouri estate laws and Mr. Quinn was quick to call me back with some professional advice. Thank you

Erica L.

Mr. Quin returned my calls promptly. He was very friendly, and thoroughly answered all of my questions.

Hallie T.

Absolutely excellent. After spending about 20 minutes on the phone with me, Matthew Quinn let me know that I wouldn't need to go through probate, and wouldn't need an attorney, for my parents' estate, and told me the next steps to take.

Steve W.

I recently went through a separation from a man I was married to for almost 20 years. Although we were not legally married, as same-sex marriage was not legal in the United States at that time, we did own property together, specifically a home. After the break-up, there were issues, to put it mildly, in the settlement of the house being resolved.

From the moment I first contacted Mr. Quinn, he was the epitome of professionalism, courtesy and aplomb. The fact that I was a gay man was inconsequential. He handled my case thoroughly, confidentially and with the utmost respect. He was always there when I needed him, either via phone call or email. With me currently residing in another state, I thought that may present issues and getting this matter resolved. However mr. Quinn made everything absolutely seamless. He handled the situation much better than I could have imagined. I highly recommend him if you're looking to have any probate work done, estate planning or anything for that matter. I am very, very pleased with mr. Quinn and I am through z acid for you and very highly recommend him for any of your legal needs.

Marcellus S.

I called and spoke to an attorney Mr Quinn and he was kind enough to actually give me some free advice over the phone and even being on his lunch break. Thumbs up to him!!

Geriane S.

Mathew Quinn was a great help in a sudden and unsure situation! I'm from out of town and wasn't sure about anything, including what type of attorney I may have needed. He took my call right away and was very patient and helpful with all my questions. And although he said I am not in need of an attorney at this time, if I'm in need of one in the future I know who I am calling!! Thank you Mr. Quinn for your help!

Jenni F.